The chat on bars starts off with Kazimierz. The reason for this is that it is the BEST place in Krakow for a night out. Bohemian, lively and bursting with life. There is nowhere quite like it!

This is the place for a relaxing drink. Candlelit in winter and in the evenings, with a fantastic outdoor courtyard for whiling away the warm summer evenings. Décor is primarily supplied by a mosaic of black and white portraits from days gone by. Music can vary from The Andrews Sisters to Franz Ferdinand! The perfect place to absorb the true atmosphere of wonderful Kazimierz. Located right next to a very famous courtyard which features prominently in Schindler's List.
Address:- Meiselsa 20, Kazimierz, Krakow

The Singer

This is one of the original Kazimierz bohemian bars. Dark, velvety, Singer sewing machines for tables, and always entertaining, this is an absolute must for anyone visiting Kazimierz. Candlelit, fantastic music, and dancing on the table is compulsory on Friday/Saturday nights. The place goes wild for a bit of Balkan gypsy music. Be warned, you might find it extremely difficult to leave this place and go home!

Address - ul. Estery 20, Kazimierz, Krakow

Once again, this is one of the original bohemian, Kazimierz hangouts and is legendary. It is a bit of a tardis in that there is a main bar area, a smoking room accessed through a wardrobe, a concert venue and excellent restaurant. Seating is available outside in the summer: which is an excellent place to sit back and take in the daily life of Plac Nowy. The food is top notch. There is a wide selection of street food, superb gourmet burgers and a variety of other speciality dishes. For beer lovers, the Pilsner Urquell served here has to be the best in Krakow. Decor is the usual rickety, mismatched bric-a-brac illuminated with candles. On really cold nights, there is also a roaring fire. Don't be put off by the fact that from the outside it looks like a squat!
Alchhemia - link for the restaurant - link for pub/club
Address:- ul. Estery 5

Kolanko 6
This is another of my Kazimierz favourites. Once again, the initial impression on entering this bar/restaurant is very deceptive since it contains a large dining space, outside courtyard and venue hall accessed to the left of the small room you initially enter into. The courtyard is a favourite for enjoying warm summer evenings. 
Food available has a Middle Eastern/North African influence as well as a brilliant selection of Nalesniki (Polish Pancakes) both sweet and savoury. In addition, there is a pleasing selection of cocktails.
To be recommended is the breakfast buffet available every morning for 20zl with a large selection of tasties on offer.

Eszeweria is another trademark, Kazimierz, bohemian oasis. The interior is again a hotch-potch of old sofas, standard lamps, tables and chairs which exudes a certain unique charm. The real bonus with this bar is the wonderful summer garden area at the back of the building. It is a soothing haven with a lot of quirky furnishings which removes you from the noise and bustle of the world outside. This is an absolute must for tourists to Kazimierz if you really want to experience the true atmosphere of the district. In addition, don't miss a trip to the truly unique toilet!

Address:- ul. Józefa 9

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